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A home-like family environment

A home-like family environment has been one of the keys to my husband's positive experience at Angel's Touch. Having the same caregivers on a daily basis is so comforting for my husband with familiar faces each day that provide home cooked meals and help with hygiene and toileting. My regular contact with the caretakers helps me to feel at ease knowing that my husband is among people that truly care about him and our family.  Angel's Touch had a sincere commitment to the smooth and compassionate transition of my husband into their care.  Their caretakers quickly demonstrated the knowledge and experience with his individual symptoms and behaviors that put me very at ease. When needed, consistent revisions in his medications were made to improve his daily function and relieve his symptoms and their challenging behaviors. It was apparent, in a brief period of time, that we made the best decision for my husband and our family to transition him to Angel's Touch.  Outdoor activities have been especially helpful to my husband's transition too. Regular time helping with the garden, walking in the sunshine, enjoying the birds and trees around the property, all with the support of a familiar caregiver, helps my husband to maintain a healthy outlook.  The staff at Angel's Touch make holidays, birthdays, and special daytime outings beautiful and uplifting for the residents and families alike. Lively music, dancing, delicious food and fun decorations are all followed by photos from the staff that capture his happy moments for me and my family.  Overall, my husband is safe, well cared for, and is experiencing an improved quality of life. We are very grateful for the staff and families of Angel's Touch.
- Lissa Hammond

We did a lot of research on facilities in the area

Both of our parents became residents at Angel’s Touch in June of 2023. We did a lot of research on facilities in the area before deciding on Angel’s Touch. We chose Angel’s Touch for several reasons. We had recommendations from two close family friends who had loved ones cared for at Angel’s Touch and both families could not say enough good things about the facility. So, from the start, we knew from trusted friends that the experience was going to be positive. Angel’s Touch is a smaller facility than most and feels like home, not an institution. Angel’s Touch provides residents with attentive 24-hour care and so much more. The staff regularly take residents on outings near and far. It could be anything from a day trip to the Howard County Fair, to a park to see the changing leaves, or to the local ice cream shop for a treat. Residents can also enjoy overnight trips to Ocean City as well as fishing and golf outings. Angel’s Touch brings in a variety of entertainment to the people that call it home. Singers, impersonators, and lots of puppy visits are the norm. Holidays are also celebrated in style. The yearly Christmas party at the Clarksville Ballroom is amazing with food and dancing. The coordinators are very connected with every individual under their care and truly respect the wishes of the residents and families. We absolutely love how residents are encouraged to engage in all the activities that they enjoyed throughout their lives. Another fun perk for residents is that one of the owners lives directly next door to Angel’s Touch and has a lovely swimming pool. We have enjoyed poolside parties and birthday celebrations in the summer. In fact, the three facility administrators live right on site at Angel’s Touch, which is an unbelievable plus when it comes to quality 24-hour care. Also in residence is pup, Biscuit, who checks on residents daily and always puts a smile on everyone’s face. Angel’s Touch maintains a beautiful on-site garden that provides fresh produce for many of the resident’s meals. Residents are encouraged to help clean and cut vegetables for meals. The food at Angel’s Touch is prepared fresh at each mealtime and residents are given lots of individual choices. More recently, our father, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, faced a dramatic decline in his health. The staff at Angel’s Touch responded to his needs during the entire crisis to ensure that he was safe and as comfortable as possible throughout this very trying time. We are very pleased with the attentive care, friendship, and love that our parents have received and would highly recommend Angel’s Touch to anyone in need of a care facility for a loved one. Kristen Pysh, West Friendship, MD Robert Tokarek, Philadelphia, PA
- Kristen Pysh

It gives our family a sense of comfort

My Mom suffers from dementia, memory loss, as well as many other health issues. We were looking for better care than what was being provided at her first Assisted living community. She broke her hip back in October of 2023 and required more individual attention at the time. As she became less mobile and unable to advocate for herself her quality of life began to suffer. We experienced her out in the hall by herself, dirty clothes and no one around or showing concern for her well-being. She was going down fast, not only physically but emotionally as well. We heard from a friend and close school mate about Angel’s Touch Assisted living. She told us how unique of a facility it was, and that they offered a better way to care for the elderly. We reached out and quickly determined that this would be a significant change, relating to her care. The move in process was smooth and seamless. Within a few days we saw a dramatic improvement in my mom’s physical and emotional health. She was more alert, engaging and happier than we had seen her in months. I cannot say enough about the caretakers at Angel’s Touch, especially the family members Divya, Priya, Rahul, and Mark, plus the core caregivers: Bonnie, Omar, Derrick, and Omoniyi. Angel’s Touch has been a breath of fresh air for our family. We are comforted in the knowledge that we have found a place that feels like a home and not a facility where you are just a number. When we visit it is obvious that the people there know and understand the needs of all the patients. It is a place where my mom can feel like she is part of a home and not just living in a facility. She has already engaged in more activities in the last 2 months than in all her time in the other place. This is truly a place where my mom does not feel alone. It gives our family a sense of comfort when Angel’s Touch shares frequent pictures and videos of Mom’s activities. Whether it is exercising and interacting with the residents or petting a furry house mate (dogs). We know that she feels a sense of home and that we made the right decision to call Angel’s touch home for our mother. Sincerely, The Brown Family
- Brown Family

We love this place!

We couldn't be happier with the care our Mom receives at Angel's Touch. The staff is so kind and they go out of their way to make sure those in their care enjoy their lives. They enjoy cookouts, music, fall foliage outings, pool parties, golf and even fishing. They truly are remarkable. This is not an institution, rather a home. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
- Elizabeth Roberts

Home Away From Home

My mom lived at Angel's Touch for 8 months. The caregivers and all the staff are very caring and treated my mom like she was part of their family. They would spend time sitting and talking with her and hold her hand and give her hugs to help ease her anxiety issues. This gave our family peace of mind knowing she was so loved and cared for. They have lots of activities for the residents and the food is homemade and taste great. If you are looking for a special place for your loved one, Angel's Touch is the perfect place.
- Carol B

A loving caring staff

My mom was treated like family and received great medical attention. There are lots of activities to take part in if you choose to. Thank God for Angels Touch
- Naomi West Friendship MD

Mom particularly enjoys the homey atmosphere and frequent outings at Angel’s Touch

A good reference from a close neighbor who’d been through the same situation, meant everything. When you are facing a difficult decision about finding a caring and compassionate place for your mom, no one knows more about it than someone who has been through it. I learned of Angel’s Touch assisted living from a neighborhood couple who spoke very highly of the consistent quality of care and quality of life that their own mother had received while living at Angel’s Touch. My mom moved to my home some five years ago after my father had passed way. I thought she would be able to stay for the rest of her life, but things began to change. My mom became much more forgetful and confused and was having falling episodes. Her care needs became much more intense and it quickly became apparent that she would need care and supervision 24 hours a day. She needed companionship during the day so we hired an aid to stay with her and take her places. Even though we saw her and interacted with her each day, it was often still not the best environment for her. She needed more social activities and care than I could provide at home and her confusion was causing her to be unhappy at home and continually wonder why seemingly no family member was there for her during the day. My mom moved to Angel’s Touch in August of 2012. I knew the transition would be difficult, because of my mom’s memory problems, the fact that she does not take to change easily and that she is very private. Mom’s move in was smooth and well orchestrated and I could tell that the owner and all the caregivers put extra effort into making my mom feel welcome and loved. The caregivers were prompt and polite and called me with daily updates on my mom’s progress and activities. Due to Angel’s Touch’s small size and consistent care giving, I receive first hand answers quickly and directly from caregivers and the owner. This has made the transition much easier for me. Mom has always been a very private person who prefers to have her own place. She is accommodated at Angel’s Touch with her own place but is also able to enjoy the company of other residents in conversation areas and the dining room. The caregivers are sure to stop in her room when she is there to see how she is doing or at times to gently encourage her to join in an activity. She is more willing to socialize of late. Mom particularly enjoys the homey atmosphere and frequent outings at Angel’s Touch. She doesn’t feel “confined”, being able to participate in so many activities and outings. The owner and staff at Angel’s Touch go a long way to provide an atmosphere that feels nothing like an “institution”, but more like a community/family home. This is extremely important to me since as Mom ages is more and more restricted in what she can do on her own. I often receive phone calls, text messages and e-mails about what is happening at Angel’s Touch. This makes our visits with mom ones where we can discuss the events in her life and even join in when we can. Angel’s Touch is easy to get to and I always leave knowing that mom is in good hands.
- Iris Sykesville, MD

The staff was friendly and caring

When my Dad passed away several years ago, my mom was left to live alone in her home. Although she missed his company, she said that she was comfortable living alone and wanted to maintain her independence. Understandably she was not interested in discussing a change in her living arrangements. Change is an adventure and, at 84, one is not always ready for an adventure. Nevertheless, despite my concerns about her living alone, I tried hard to make things work for her. Her home in Howard County was about a half hour away and I could visit 2-3 times a week and make things work I quickly realized, however, that she was not eating properly and often did not remember to take her medications or, even worse, took them incorrectly even though I filled her weekly pill container myself. Since she refused to discuss alternative living arrangements, I began looking on my own. I knew she would be happiest in a small home with a family atmosphere, but I kept an open mind. Although I checked out several assisted living places in the area, I still felt uncomfortable about making her move out of her home. But as her dementia got worse and she began to fall, I became increasingly concerned. We considered every alternative…living with us, hiring someone to live with her in her home and assisted living homes. Once I found Angel’s Touch, I somehow felt immediately comfortable. The staff was friendly and caring. The owner, Mark Wah, was truly in touch with the feelings of the seniors, having to give up their independence and move in with “a bunch of strangers”, but also sympathized with the family’s concerns about the health and safety of their loved one. Mark went out of his way to take things slow and make her transition as comfortable as possible, allowing us to join him and some of the residents for dinner at a local restaurant. My mom enjoyed the get together with other people her age, who seemed fun and active. After her falls, he even visited her both at the hospital and during her rehab at Encore. And so, after 3 years of living alone, my mom became a resident at Angel’s Touch. I will not say that it was easy in the beginning. She was insistent that she did not need “supervision” and that she wanted to live on her own, but after a short time, she began to find that she enjoyed the company of the other residents, whom she remembered having met at the restaurant, and she appreciated the help and caring of the staff. One of the things that impressed us most was that many of the staff have been with Angel’s Touch for a number of years. It is a tough job that they do, so it is clear that they must love what they are doing and it shows. They helped my mom get through that beginning transition with compassion and understanding and they were always there with kind reassurance for me that everything would be fine. And it was. The staff understands how important her independence is to her and allows her to do as much as she can for herself while always monitoring things like her balance. She can still enjoy the solitude of her own room, living “independently” with the TV as loud as necessary when she chooses not to wear her hearing aids. She has much of her own furniture which makes it feel like “home”. But she now also has friends to enjoy daily home cooked meals with and goes on regular outings with them to museums, restaurants and shows, along with the wonderful activities offered right there. We almost joke that she now has more of a social life than we have. She has truly become part of the Angel’s Touch “family”. And the best part now is that when she comes over to our house for a visit, she will tell me that she is ready to go “home”.
- Kathy, Ellicott City, MD

I feel very much at home

I have lived at Angel’s Touch since 2003 now. I had worked as a registered nurse for 30 years. I began to suffer from short term memory loss several years go. I moved in with my daughter’s family at first but that became a difficult arrangement as my needs began to increase. I know that my family cares very much for me but I wanted to remain as independent as possible. My daughters did an extensive search of Carroll and Howard Counties looking for an Assisted Living Home that would be right for me. I was scared at first since I didn’t know what to expect, but I adjusted with just a few weeks. The people at Angel’s Touch really care. I do everything that I can for myself but they are there with gentle reminders and a helping hand when I need it. I especially enjoy going on outings in the community. Going to lunch and shopping are things I enjoyed before making Angel’s Touch my home and I still do those things today. My family can visit anytime they choose and are always welcomed. I am able to enjoy having a place of my own and visit with family also. I also really enjoy the annual Family Fun Day. It is usually held in June and we plan and invite our family members to come for a cookout and time together. Not only is the food delicious, but the entertainment is great! Everyone has a wonderful time playing games and getting to know other residents and their families. It is like a big family reunion. I look forward to it every year. Because of the caring and friendly atmosphere at Angel’s Touch, I feel very much at home and have developed friendships with both the caregivers and other residents. I have met friends at Angel’s Touch and I can still have my independence.
- Darlene

Angel’s Touch is a place where I can do as much as I like

I have always been a do-er. I like to be busy and involved in the daily running of the household. I had been living in Ohio, but decided to be closer to my daughter who recently moved to Maryland. I didn’t want to live in the same home with her and her new family so I needed a place of my own. My daughter and her husband did extensive research about assisted living and what was available in the area. They found not only an assisted living but my new home. Angel’s Touch is a place where I can do as much as I like. I continue to be an avid reader and knitter. I enjoy helping with folding laundry, clearing dishes after meals and light housekeeping such as dusting in my room. My room is a personalized place with antiques pieces I was able to bring with me and incorporate into my place at Angel’s Touch. These things hold fond memories for me and I enjoy inviting some of my new friends into my room for a chat or to see my latest project. The caregivers are always willing to talk with me or share a new ap or photos from their phones. Technology is a new interest for me. The caregivers are always watching for my safety but do not allow this to keep me from living a full and active lifestyle. We often go into the community to restaurants, stores and places of interest. I always like to experience and learn new things and Angel’s Touch gives me these opportunities.
- Judy

She has the support that she needs and the independence that she desires

Mom had always wanted to stay at home for as long as possible. She took pride in taking care of our family home also. Now our family home, once a blessing where she raised four kids, began to be a source of worry for her. She was worried about maintenance issues such as lawn mowing and general house up keep. These worries began to consume much of her thoughts. It was keeping her awake at night and because she was not sleeping well, she was making mistakes, had some falls and needed help around the house. I’d also noticed that she was becoming more forgetful. I started having someone come in to help her with daily activities. In years past, my mom had been a very social person and thrived on interactions with other people. Back and neck pain was affecting her quality of life and her subsequent surgery caused additional pain which led to her deviating from a good sleep pattern. She would often sleep during the day and was up all night which led her to feeling lonely and again worried. I needed to her a home away from home - a place where she would feel safe, loved, and not have the worries of maintaining a home. I started my search by talking with friends to find out about their experiences with aging parents. I spoke with an old family friend whose mom had some physical difficulties and memory issues and was told about Angel’s Touch. His mom like mine valued her independence. He told me about the transition and how his mom had made friends at Angel’s Touch. Engaged, I made an appointment and went to visit. The caregivers really cared! I could immediately tell that this was their vocation and what they loved to do. They were very attentive to the residents while respecting their dignity and privacy. The personal family touches were everywhere – from furnishings, to the common areas. The rooms were decorated by personal furnishing leaving room for the resident’s personal items. In the common areas, I saw residents involved in activities and chatting – they even have a Dean Martin Night!! The residents seemed happy, comfortable and well cared for. The owner, Mark Wah, lives on site and is in the facility managing day to day. I noticed Angel’s Touch had a real ‘homey’ feel and it looked to be a good fit for my mom. We had looked at many other assisted living places, but I knew right way that this was the place for Mom. Mom moved into Angel’s Touch in February of 2014. Her activity level has surged because of the increase in opportunity and availability for social interaction. She is now able to participate in numerous activities such as lunch, shopping, and visits to community points of interest. This seems to be keeping her mind more active and engaged with her focus on positive things rather than worrying. She also has friends who are her own age so they have common interests and can share stories and a laugh. Mom also greatly enjoys seeing the dogs and the children who visit Angel’s Touch. In fact ‘Lucy’ the cock-o-poo was the first resident Mom saw and it was a clincher. This summer, Mom even had the opportunity to go on vacation to Ocean City. I was able to go along and everyone had a great time. The caregivers, Amy, Omar, Rahul, Divya, Priya, Mark’s son Andrew, and Mark who went handled challenges with flexibility and understanding. We got eight residents out on the beach and we all enjoyed watching Omar learn how to swim for the first time. They made the trip a pleasure. My mom is doing well and is well adjusted. She has the support that she needs and the independence that she desires. She is more active and social than she would have been at home. I went to take her recently to the county fair and found out she’d already gone the day before. There is always someone with whom she can interact. Even when she does begin to worry, there is always another resident or caregiver to talk with and who can usually alleviate these concerns. I am always able to talk directly with the Mark or a caregiver and get an update as to how Mom is doing. I know Mom feels free to ask for anything she might need. It is a relief that she feels so comfortable and that someone is always there to address her needs. It gives me peace of mind that she feels so at home.
- Chris, Laurel, Maryland

Angel’s Touch was cozy and felt like home

We needed Angel’s Touch and were glad to have found such a warm and caring assisted living for our mother. She had been getting more and more forgetful and we were concerned. It was getting to the point that she needed someone with her but that was going to be difficult since she is so independent. Our family situations did not provide the option of her living with either of us, so we looked into assisted living. We needed a place that would be convenient for both of us, but more important; we needed someplace where mom would feel at home. We turned where many people turn for information … the internet. My sister and I also looked at The Guide to Retirement Living Sourcebook. We looked at several of the places listed but none seemed quite right. Some were too big, too small or too expensive. The facility that looked nicest from the outside, had residents who looked unhappy and the staff seemed impersonal. When we walked into Angel’s Touch, we noticed that the residents were happy and smiling. The food looked and smelled delicious and the residents were involved in routine activities. This place was different from the others. Angel’s Touch was cozy and felt like home. We knew this was going to be a good place for mom. She needed to feel needed and doing things like folding laundry would make her feel more at home. We talked with Mark and found out that there was a waiting list but because it was such a positive experience we put her on the list. Fortunately, Mark called to inform us the wait list had cleared. Having never done this before, we knew that the new situation and change might be difficult. Mark and the caring staff of Angel's Touch worked with us to plan the transition. When we moved our mother, she adjusted better than anyone could have imagined! The staff was both caring and supportive. They were there to comfort her when she was anxious and to involve her in the day to day activities. Mom is happy now and says how much she loves the caring staff and that the food is fabulous! She has become friends with several of the other ladies and gentlemen too. Mom is able to enjoy outings to restaurants, parks and other places of interest like Harper’s Ferry. She’s been able to go on vacation with several of her new Angel’s Touch friends to Ocean City too! At Christmas time, with the help of the staff, she was able to send out cards to friends and families, something she hasn't done in years. One friend from Angel's Touch invited her and a few other residents to enjoy a spaghetti dinner at her son’s church. They had a great time listening to the music and sampling the desserts. When we visit with mom, we like to sit under the mulberry tree in the backyard and enjoy the flowers, go for walks on the path that goes around the property or check on the progress of the vegetable garden. Sometimes we even take her out for a drive to view what she says is "beautiful country". Angel’s Touch has been better than we had hoped. The staff is truly wonderful, the location is convenient and most important, and we know that mom is safe and cared for.
- David and Becky, Woodbine, Maryland, Silver Spring, Maryland

You have been a blessing

Life is way too busy. This is precisely why I am so happy that my dad is living at Angel's Touch. Having a large family with many needs, including serious medical ones, made it impossible for me to give the proper care and constant attention required for a man of his advanced age. The caregivers are very warm and kind. You keep him safe and comfortable, very well-fed (REAL home-style cooking) and provide wonderful activities & many fun outings. My brothers, who all live out of town, love the e-mails you send with pictures from all the fun events. Dad adjusted very well, right from the very start 10 months ago. He gets more social interaction with people closer to his age than he would if he still resided in our home - a real plus. You have been a blessing not only to my dad, but to me and my family. Thanks so much!
- Pam

The experience has been wonderful

I came to Angel’s Touch in January, 2013. So far, the experience has been wonderful. I lived in a small apartment at a larger assisted living facility before, but lacked much interaction and communication with other residents or caregivers. I felt disconnected and isolated from the people and environment around me, but things changed when I moved to Angel’s Touch. The small home- like structure at Angel’s Touch has helped me feel connected and secure to the environment around. My room is very spacious and pleasant and has big windows that let in a lot of light. I also have my own bathroom which gives me the privacy I want, but help is always just outside my door. The property outside is beautiful and refreshing. There are benches and walking paths that lead to the vegetable and flower gardens. They even have a deck that I love sitting on and watch the birds on the bird feeders. We often go out for lunch and site-seeing, but more importantly I enjoy the trips to the museums and historical places. These outings and group activities have improved my outlook on life, and my sense of well- being. At my age, I never would have imagined being a part of such wonderful experiences and people. Even though, I need assistance with mobility and other day to day activities, I still feel independent making my own decisions. Living at Angel’s Touch has made me feel like an important part of the community. I have formed special relationships with the residents and caregivers here; it’s like being a part of an extended family, they genuinely love me, respect me and care for me.
- Hartley, Angel's Touch Assisted Living

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